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Based in Central Tokyo, since 2012.

Excellent Expertise Values

We pride ourselves on providing conscientious, thorough consultations for all our clients as real estate specialists.
We are pleased to provide quality services along with practical measures.

About EM Labo

We have been providing assistance to those who planned to move to Japan, local residents, businesspeople, as well as both local and international real estate investors. 

We realize the dream lifestyle for our clients in their optimal properties, offer living coordination, and provide sustainable support.

Interesting facts about EM Labo

Over 400 closed deals
75% of our new clients come from client referrals 
We are a team of experts in different specific fields

The Features of EM Labo

All property information comes
with concrete estimated costs 

Quick Information readily
available for our clients 

We are responsive
-we provide timely

 A Step-by-step Guide

Purchasing your first home ever in Japan can be confusing and you might not be sure of where to start.
Here is our step-by-step streamlined guide for you to purchase a property in Japan.

Step1 | Is purchasing a property a good option?

When purchasing real estate, the most essential question to ask yourself when you think of purchasing a house is whether the option in front of you is really appropriate for you (and your family).

We present you all the pros and cons so you can analyze practically whether purchasing or renting a place would be the better option.

We want you to initiate your important purchase at an appropriate time at an appropriate price.
We have house-rental specialists with us so we are convinced that we can be your support for any decision you make.

Step2 | Property Selection and Bank Pre-screening

We’ll act swiftly to look for suitable properties and approach banks upon your decision to purchase.

There are quite a lot of listing agencies rejecting offer letters without a bank pre-approval in recent years. In other words, if you only start the screening process after targeting the specific property you aim to purchase, another party could purchase the property before you do, which is extremely risky. Especially in the case of popular property items, it’s vitally important to get everything prepared if at all possible.

In Japan, the preliminary screening at major banks through a real estate agency takes only 2 to 3 days. 
*Kindly inform us early if you are not a permanent resident in Japan.

All real estate brokers use a shared database called REINS to search for properties. We are pleased to share this with our clients so they always have the latest information. 
Unfortunately, the REINS data is not open to the general public.
That is why it’s important to choose your agency before you target at any property. As a common practice in the real estate industry in Japan, buyers might not be able to change their agency during the purchase process.

Step 3 | Viewing

After you decide on a property you like, it’s time for the viewing.
If the property is vacant, you can almost always conduct a viewing. If the property is occupied, the occupant may need to be present during the viewing.
In such cases, focus on getting a better picture of the interior spaces and rooms. The occupant should have the best knowledge about noise levels and the neighborhood, so the viewing is a great opportunity to ask questions.

Step 4 | Offer

Once you have fixed your target to purchase, you’ll need to fill in a purchase form to be sent to the seller and his/her representative agent. At the same time, you’ll need to submit your ID with an offer letter. When it comes to form submission, it’s all about “timing”. It’s not uncommon for other parties to submit their purchase form just one single day before you hand in yours- always submit your form in time when you have made up your mind and ready to make your moves once you have found the one.

To speed up the process during the very moments, our agents always have the purchase forms ready when going to a viewing.

Step 5 | Contract Preparation

It takes about 7 to 10 days to finalize the agreements after the form submission. Meanwhile, our agent will gather all the necessary information about the property and collects all documents from the Legal Affairs Bureau.

While most of the real estate agencies can only go through all disclosure statements only on the contract-signing day, EM Labo clients enjoy a prestige as we are able to explain all documents at least a few days earlier in order to make sure our clients have a clear understanding of the process and related paperwork.

Signing an agreement without a thorough understanding of its contents or in the case when you need to cancel for any reasons, you are going to give up your deposit We, thus, make sure our client understand all details of the contract about the purchase. It is our mission to help clients to purchase their dream house in a safe, secured way.

Step 6 | Sign the Contract

The final opportunity to confirm its contents with the seller comes when you actually sign the contract. It is also a good chance to meet up with the seller (especially when you have never met him/her before). We endeavor to make this final step a little formal so the purchase is, as mentioned, safe and secured.

This is often done at the office of real estate agency of the seller or the buyer.Be mindful to bring with you- your deposit, certificate of residence, seal, identification, and stamp duty fee (the agent will make the actual stamps ready as well)

Step 7 | Loan Screening

It’s time for the loan screening after concluding the contract

We shall explain the group credit life insurance, types of interest, and expected interest rates at the time and present all the details.
Once we have the result of the loan screening, we will discuss with our clients further details such as second viewings and fixing key dates etc.

Step8 | Loan Agreement

A loan agreement might be concluded 10 days before handover depending on the efficiency of the financial institution.
*Wire transfer shall be done on the handover date.

Our professional agents are pleased assist you throughout all communication processes with the banks regarding the details of the property and the contract.

Necessary items to bring-
・Your ID
・Certificate of residence
・Seal registration certificate

Step 9 | Property Handover and Settlement

On handover day, the buyer’s name will be put in the real estate register and will receive keys to access the property.

Related parties along with their brokers, as well as a judicial scrivener (usually to be appointed by the buyer) shall gather at the bank, the loan provider . In the case online banks, the meeting can be organized at the bank where the seller has an account or at the office of the buyer’s broker.

Next, the judicial scrivener shall receive the documents from both parties for  the registry transfer. Official registration and settlement of payment are conducted at the same time.

The judicial scrivener shall ensure everything is correct and in order, and the bank shall then initiate the remittance. The money will first be deposited in the buyer’s bank account. The money will then be transferred into the seller’s account. After the confirmation of the remittance, a receipt will be issued. 

The judicial scrivener shall then head to the Legal Affairs Bureau for the registration procedures.

The buyer will be required to pay mediation costs, fire insurance, brokerage fee, and fees for the judicial scrivener. Meanwhile, all bank fees and warranty fees will be deducted from the borrowed amount before being deposited.

Real Estate Brokerage Support

3% of property price + JPY 60,000 yen + 10% tax

As your exclusive real estate agent, we will take responsibility to provide clear, comprehensible explanations and make sure you understand all the details of  the contract.

In accordance with the House and Building Trade Business Law in Japan (Takuchi Tatemono Torihiki Gyou Ho), we strive to ensure the purchase is safe, secure, and clear.

Our Full Brokerage Package

  • Property selection and valuation of the area, the neighborhood, and future profitability. 
  • Provision of statistics reports of the area (population, age distribution, similar properties info, earthquake data, etc.) 
  • Management reports for the apartments
  • Disclosure statement and contract check
  • Preparation and explanation of the disclosure statement
  • Advice and explanation of different mortgage options
  • Attendance at the mortgage contract closing
  • Facilitating the handover
  • Introduction to English-speaking judicial scriveners, lawyers, administrative scriveners, tax accountants, etc.
  • Explanation of inspection and recruitment of contractors
  • Mediation and advice on renovations and repairs
  • Introduction of moving agents
  • Providing information on procedures related to moving


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Do all the banks offer the same interest rate or services?
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How long does the property retain the service life?
Can I apply to as many banks as I want?
Which financial option should I choose, floating rate or fixed rate?
What kinds of documents do I need to sign on the signing date?
What is included in a loan agreement?

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About Agents

Kanako Enomoto

  • Born on Awaji Island (Kansai, Japan)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Australian National University) in 2009
  • Lived in Melbourne, Canberra, New York, and Tokyo
    and moved from one house to another, from one city to another  24 times.
  • 10 years of brokerage experience in residential property
  • Have completed  over 450 deals
  • The head of the great teams (Leasing team, Property Management, Renovation, Build from scratch, investment property, Repairs etc.)
  • Extensive network in the industry

My heart-breaking experience of losing my family house motivated me to provide my clients a sense of security. I always strive to make sure none of my clients face financial insecurity or stress. Creating a real estate industry that is fair, transparent, and accessible to all, regardless of language barriers.

Office Location

4/F Nisso No.22 bldg. 1-11-10 Azabudai Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan (106-0041)
1-min walk from Kamiyacho station Exit1 (Tokyo Metro Line).

Company NameEM Labo Co.,Ltd.
Address#801 Nisso Building 1-11-10 Azabudai Minato-ku Tokyo Japan
PresidentKanako Enomoto
Licensed AgentKanako Enomoto, Natsuko Kanaiwa, Akiko Ikeda
Major BanksYokohama Bank, Kiraboshi Bank, Risona Bank, Sumishin SBI net Bank, SMBC Prestia Bank, UFJ Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank,Shizuoka Bank, Rakuten Bank, au Zibun Bank etc.
License NumberGover of Tokyo (2) No.102103
ServicedBrokerage for buying and selling, real estate consulting, managing a property, and Renovations.
AssociationAll Japan Real Estate Association

Our mission

1.Keep Learning

Through intensive trainings, we always provide the newest and up-to-date information for our clients in order to protect their valuable assets.

2.Look at the bright side of life 

Investing in real estate could be full of struggles and stress, we thus aim to make sure to make our clients feel easy and comfortable throughout the entire process.

3.Every problem has its solution

No matter how complex the matters or negotiations get, we will, undoubtedly, work out the right and best solution for every single client of ours

4.Our pride

We serve all the related parties in the transaction with love and respect. 
We strive to attain the best rate and the best conditions for our clients.

5.For our next generation

We run our business to establish a better society that our next generation could be proud of.
We never cut corners for the short gain. Instead, we aim to build up concrete relationships based on trust and continuous effort. Everything is for the better future of our clients.  This is our business value. 

Together we make a brighter future !