Property Price is 62,000,000 yen

1Stamp tax30,000 JPY【Tax】 Stamp tax for the purchase contract 
2Brokerage fee2,112,000JPY【EM LABO】(Property Price×3%+¥60000)× Tax
3Loan administration feeJPYNo charge at EM Labo
4Registration tax for the houseApprox630,000 JPY【Judicial scrivener】 Tax+judicial scrivener fee
5Displayed registration feeApproxJPY【Land and house investigator】 Only charge for a new property
6Loan stamp taxApprox60,000 JPY【Tax】 Stamp tax for the contract for the loan agreement
7Mortgage loan guarantee feeApprox1,364,000JPY【Bank】2.2% of mortgage amount
8Expense loan guarantee feeApproxJPY【Bank】
9Mortgage loan administration feeApprox33,000JPY【Bank】
10Fire InsuranceApprox300,000 JPY【Fire Insurance Company】 Initial 10-year lump sum payment
11Fixed asset tax & city planning taxApprox150,000 JPY【Seller】 Property tax for 2022: around 180,000yen
12Transfer fee for displayed registrationApprox0JPY【Bank】Only for a new property
13Transfer fee for fire insuranceApprox880 JPY【Bank】
14Transfer fee for Balance settlementApprox880 JPY【Bank】
15Transfer fee for brokerage feeApprox880 JPY【Bank】